Top Questions

Q1. I find that other suppliers are also selling the same designs (same photos) as CCT Fashion®. Is the product really the same as CCT Fashion®?

A1. To answer this question, we purchased an item of the same design from other suppliers. We find out the item made by CCT Fashion® is much better in the areas of fabric quality and cutting. For details, please click the photos below to see the differences.


Q2. Does your company manufacture customer-provided designs (OEM)?

A2. Yes. Minimum quantity will be confirmed after customer provides the designs.


Q3. I have credit card. How can I make payment?

A3. You can go to to sign up an account so that you can make the payment by your credit card.


Q4. Does your company provide catalogue?

A4. Yes. We have an online catalogue, . It includes all updated items and no price list. It is a very good selling kit.

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